urgent boy help needed. /:

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urgent boy help needed. /:

Post by broootalemma.(: on 18/4/2010, 1:06 pm

well, i haven't checked up on here in a while..
and for those who have been wondering about my previous posts,
steve has been out for a while now.
fred on the other hand is still causing me drama.
he's been my best friend for over three years now..
you may think i'm too young to think this,
but i'm truly convinced that i just might love him.
i trust fred more than anyone in the world,
he knows more about me and i do.
i smile just at the thought of him.
he drives me insane.
and he sends off mixed signals.
for the past month now i've been crying myself to sleep,
because he kissed me a little while back.
he tells me that "i'm sorry it just happened".
"i want to be with you forever, i'm just not ready yet".
i'm tired of waiting,
i just don't know what to do anymore.
any advice? </3

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Re: urgent boy help needed. /:

Post by zebadee on 19/4/2010, 12:26 am

Hi Smile
It is a difficult time.
Most females are probably more mature than the guys of similar age.
Guys are almost still at the girls are slushy etc....
Mentally that is.
While physically for most lads, girls do do something exciting.
How they cope with that varies.
Fred could either be one of these poor confused types.
Or just stringing you along.
This "I want to be with you forever, I'm just not ready."
Can be an honest statement of how he really feels.
If this is the case.
Then maybe you have to hang on that bit longer.
This is where trust is really tested.
Try talking & see if you can work out if he is confused.
If he is, talking to his mates won't help.
As most lads are not that good at talking about relationships.
For fear that folk might realise what softies they really are. Wink
If trust is mutual, talking between the two of you should help you both.
If he is wasting your time.
Maybe you'll see this side.
Not quite a solution.
But give the talking bit a try.
Best of luck.
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