Fights... Mine and Stevan's worst

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Fights... Mine and Stevan's worst

Post by misseaton123 on 14/3/2010, 5:27 pm

It was the worst one yet...
He decided to go to the gym with his friend Jd. Who he sees a lot as of recently.
I had a shit load of dishes and laundry to do and I asked for him to stay here and help me.
But he just laughed and left.
As he was leaving, I tried telling him I was serious, that I really needed help.
But he didn't care.
Needless to say, I was angry.
Which, when I am angry, I get angry about everything that has been bothering me as of late.
So I was even more angry then I should have been.
Anywho, I got angry enough that I went all the way down the list and came to the fact that he never tells me how much he loves me when he is home. We only have touching, loving, tingle creating talks when he is somewhere else, over TEXT!!!
Now, I do enjoy hearing it, even if its over text, but it's just not the same...
And instead of explaining this, I texted him telling him not to come home. To just stay with Jd.
But of course, he came home to talk about it.
And I was like whatever. I was wayy to angry.
And we fought. I explained to him why I was angry.

Now let me give you a little background.
We fight constantly.
There is always something wrong.
And no matter what it is, the other person gets angry and defensive as well.
So all he had to say was that "this is getting fucking ridiculous."
I said "Now you know where I have been for months."
He got hurt by that.
He tried making it better by being lovey and holding me and kissing my shoulder.
But when we don't resolve anything, we just pretend nothing happened, it doesn't get better.
So I got up to do some more laundry and he got pissed that I didn't come back right away.
When I was done, I came back in to tell him I was sorry, basically the same thing he had done.
But when I tried to hold him, he pushed me away and said he was doing something.
So I got REALLY angry.
And he said "I hope you're angry. Yeah, just go to bed. Does it make you glad to be angry? Does it make you happy to make it all worse?"
So I said "Yeah, it actually does."
He says "Does that make it all better?"
And I nodded and he just starting mumbling profanity under his breath and throwing things around our room. Not bad, just little stuff.
I got up, put on some sweats and a jacket, took his class ring that he gave me when we got together, and I slammed it next to him on the table, shut the light off and walked out, shutting the door behind me.
I sat in the office area of the house for about a half hour, crying harder than I ever have.
Thinking about all the bad things. Like if I really did kick him out, with the idea that I would bring him back in a few days, who knows what he would do with what girl.
Then when I did bring him back, I would be unable to forgive him.
I thought about coming back in here to kiss him, and him pushing me away again..
Or he packs all his stuff and walks through the house to the door and when I call after him, he ignores me and leaves.
Or I go in there and he went out the window and I never hear from him again.
We talked one time about if we ever broke up, he would join the military, because he would have nothing left..
Which came from one of those conversations we only have over text..

After a while, without even thinking about it anymore, I got up and went back into our room.
He was still there, just as I had left him.
In the same chair, in the dark.
He had the ring in his hand, up to his lips.
His eyes were rimmed with red and he had his other hand covering his face so I couldn't see.
He NEVER cries, so my heart melted.
He looked up at me after a moment with the cutest puppy dog look on his face.
He holds the ring out to me, and I take it.
He grabs my hand, kisses it a bunch of times.
He puts me on his lap and we hug and apologize and kiss...
The best kiss we have ever had, with the exception of the first one.
We talked about the thoughts and feelings we were experiencing while we were in different rooms, waiting for the worst...

All in all, it was the worst fight we have ever had.
I have NEVER even THOUGHT about giving the ring back, but it was all I could do to show him that what he had done and said, hurt even worse than he had wanted in the first place..

What is the worst fight you have had?
Whether it is with your significant other, or a family member, or just someone who means a lot to you, that you couldn't bare to lose?
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Re: Fights... Mine and Stevan's worst

Post by zebadee on 20/3/2010, 6:48 am

Hi Smile
Quite touching post.
The thing is for you too.
Is realising that when you are that close.
You still need "me time".
Guys often use friends to cover this.
Just a guys viewpoint.
As for me & fights.
I don't (which is often worse for the other person).
I either just sit there.
Though my usual thing is to go for a long walk ..... alone.
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