What do you get your significant other for your 1 year anniversary?

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What do you get your significant other for your 1 year anniversary?

Post by carmidy on 18/11/2009, 3:47 pm

Some people think that only the guy should get the girl a gift. Some people think both people should get the other a gift. What do you think?

Guys - Traditionally I have noticed that the guy usually take the girl out to dinner and gets her flowers. However... A girl can only press so many flowers. Don't get me wrong, they're nice and everything, but how is she supposed to remember the day without a little souvenir? Therefore, we come to the gifting part of this whole shindig. Getting your girlfriend a gift on your 1-year anniversary is a really good idea. The 1 year is kind of a big deal for (most) girls.

-picture with a frame

BEWARE - If you're getting jewelry, make sure the box isn't shaped like a ring box... sometimes it freaks the girls out OR gets them overly excited (if you know what I mean). You don't want to freak out or piss off your girlfriend on your anniversary.

Girls - You get the easy part because guys mostly aren't expecting to receive anything. Your gift (if you choose to get one) can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you see fit. Pretty much anything goes at this point.

Suggestions (both gifts and things to do):
-homemade picnic
-CD with his favorite songs
-photo album or dvd with pictures of you two from the first year
-money clip
-picture in a nice frame of either you or the both of you (preferably both)
-a movie he's been wanting that you can watch together
-tickets to a show
-make him cookies/brownies/his favorite "treat"
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Re: What do you get your significant other for your 1 year anniversary?

Post by drandiz99 on 18/11/2009, 4:38 pm

Nice post!!!
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