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GUYS: Masturbation Survey

Post by phoneCALL on 12/11/2009, 5:29 pm

1) What age/grade did you start?
2) Who taught you how to do it?
3) How big are you?
4) What are your favorite methods/positions for doing it?
5) In a typical session, how far do you shoot (if you do at all, and if it can be measured; use whatever scale works- if you're shooting onto your chest, say how far up it goes, or if you're shooting into a toilet, say how far back it reaches)?
6) What's the farthest you've ever shot from solo masturbation? What were the circumstances (had you gone a while without it? watched a lot of porn? etc.)?
6) How long is your typical orgasm (from masturbation; if you remember)?
7) How long was your longest orgasm (from masturbation; if you remember)?
Cool How often do you do it?
9) What's the most times you've ever done it in a day?
10) Since starting, what's the longest you've gone without it?
11) Describe the best orgasm you've ever had from masturbation (how it felt, what happened, what the circumstances were, etc.).
12) Do you watch porn when you masturbate? Read erotic fiction? Use something else?
13) How much do you think porn helps masturbation?
14) Ever tried any wacky, crazy, bizarre, or naughty techniques? What were they?
15) What's the weirdest place(s) that you've ever done it in?
16) What's the quickest you remember doing it back-to-back (i.e. multiple orgasms)?
17) Are you a sitter or a stander? Why?
18) Do you make noises when you do it?
19) How much motion does your body have when you do it?
20) What do you picture when you're doing it (i.e. a girl sraddling you)?
21) What's your favorite place to do it in?
22) Ever done it with other people?
23) Fast or slow strokes?
24) What do you do with your other hand when you do it?
25) Ever use any objects to help?
26) What's the best advice you can offer for making it better?
27) Do you have a sexual partner?
28) Have you had sex before?
29) Do you get an erection whenever you get horny?
30) Do you usually masturbate only when you're horny, or do you usually do it when it's convinient and work up an erection then?
31) What are the three things that are most important to you when you masturbate (do you want to keep it clean? shoot? have the most pleasure? get rid of horniness? etc.)?
32) Ever get caught? By who?
33) What do you usually ejaculate into? Or how do you normally clean up
34) Ever missed the target?
35) How intense do you consider your orgasms from masturbation to be- do you usually have full-body, incredible orgasms, or just moderate ones?
36) Any other information to share?

thanks philliesfan123

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